He's 18

Our oldest son turned 18 this past week. For his birthday dinner, we celebrated him with giant burgers and homemade fries and spoke words of life into him in celebration of who he is. We could not be more proud of the man Keegan has become. God has graciously taken our diligent, yet "falling-so-far-short" parenting offering and interwoven it with His brilliant colors of grace and is forming a stunning young man. A friend of ours, who couldn't be with us in person, sent Keegan this letter. 


“But there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” -Proverbs 18:24

I started writing about your outstanding accomplishments and incredible gifts; your intelligence, your athleticism, your ability to cook a gourmet meal or debate like a politician. I was going to write about your maturity, your determination, your spiritual walk or your selfless service. They are all true and bonafied attributes that have contributed to the fine man you’ve become. But for me Proverbs 18:24 expresses who you are: kind, loyal, compassionate, loving and forgiving. It takes a mighty tree to withstand the gales of a hurricane. It takes a giant man to take an unpopular stand for a friend. Men have lived lifetimes and never achieved the character that you already possess. Keegan, continue to live your life with a huge moral character and godly ideals of your youth and you will be blessed. 

Happy Birthday, my friend..

I couldn't have said it better.