Traditionally it is a formal high school dance held near the end of the academic year. Keegan attends Timber Creek High School and last week they held their Prom.  A number of weeks ago Keegan determined that he was going to the prom and he creatively asked Joyce to go with him. He and Joyce have been enjoying one another's friendship for months and it was fun to watch him find a memorable way to ask her to go. We have a telescope to look at the night sky and he cleverly fashioned a note in the eye piece asking Joyce to go. When he invited her to look at the moon she peered into the eye piece and saw not the moon, but an invitation to be his date to the prom. She said "yes"! Last weekend they enjoyed a beautiful evening together. Joyce was beautiful and Keegan was handsome. Here are some pictures early in their evening together and with the special friends they both enjoy.

I have posted more photos at my Flickr page if you would enjoy looking at more pictures. You can get that album by clicking here