A Special Request

It is called OLC5 and it stands for Operations Leadership Conference and the number 5 (this is the fith one since I don't know when). I no longer work in Operations, but there is a two day track focused on Communications and my new team, Global Advancement, is very much involved in that part of our mission. Working in this global part of our ministry really stretches the geographic scope of what I am doing and connecting with these other staff working in communications is valuable. We work with these people to bring back stories of what God is doing in various parts of the world. In addition, this trip will only deepen my understanding of what our ministry looks like in other parts of the world prayerfully giving me greater insight how we will might serve them in learning how to go about trusting God for the resources they need and teaching them how to look for friends who will join them in the mission.

I would covet your prayers as I make this trip. I want to be a curious learner. I want to build trust in what we can offer these global ministries. I want to learn ways that get timily information from our work abroad.

I would also ask you the favor of praying for my family. Travel is challenging, and I think it is hardest on the one that remains. No doubt you have been in the same place with your work.

Thank you for your partnership in helping to fulfill the Great Commisison. Getting to our goal takes many parts. This part is about building capacity so that we can see more lives changed by the person you and I call Lord–Jesus.