The Beginning

Picture of a start. A question many are asking me is, “How is your new role going?” I am grateful for the care and interest. However, I have not figured out how to give a simple answer, for it is a bit complex.

Before I am able to fully dive into my new role, I need to find the funding to sustain us in this mission. This is a challenging task, but incredibly rewarding. We have moved to 77% of full funding and I can’t wait to see it at 100%. Until that day, the majority of my time and energy is spent sharing our ministry with potential partners.

I am delighted that nearly all of my former team has joined Lisa and me in our move to the Global Advancement team. I know them well, and I am finding that the team we are merging with is filled with sharp, competent, and daring people. Yes, daring, they believe we can help mobilize 10 million multiplying disciples by 2020! Incredible.

We have a team retreat next week and a team photo is planned. I hope to share that with you next week. Thank you for enabling Lisa I to be one of those that dare to believe that God will enable us to mobilize 10 million multiplying disciples by 2020.