loved like mad

We live on giving. To some, that's appalling. To others, it's faith-filled. Some are indiffierent. And others have no category for all. It's a foreign thought. For us, it requires grit, trust, sacrifice, flexibility. It tests us like nothing else. And it is the hardest thing we often do.

But we both believe we were made for our work with Cru. And so we persevere in living on giving. On the flip side of the coin, these people who partner with us in reaching the world for Christ...they love us like mad. And we don't know why. It seems like another incredibly undeserved outpouring of our God's grace upon us.

We have been spoiled the past 10 days with a visit to see our ministry partners in California. A few days into our time here, two of our kids expressed, "Mom, I wish we could live here with these friends." Our kids have seen and experienced much of the challenging side of living on giving. But from time to time, we head to the epicenter of our support and they are cocooned in with us into the silken threads of love. Today as we drive away from these ones we adore, we feel full. We are encouraged to press on in our work. Because we've been loved like mad.