Going for 100%

support arms picture Imagine having the chance to thoughtfully lay out the Gospel so high schoolers all over the USA could engage in it with their friends in a small group. They would be laughing, brainstorming, and wandering upon "ah ha" moments while God’s Spirit builds convictions in their hearts about His ways and His kingdom.

Or picture a college student finding a compelling presentation on the Gospel designed for his eyes and mind where he could explore it at any time of the day through the Internet.

Lisa and I are called to be a part of work like this. We were invited to begin working on these very projects, but were never supposed to do it alone. We need a team of like-minded people who desire for the world to know about Jesus Christ. For us to give our best to this type of work, we need people supporting us by praying and funding our mission through their financial gifts.

Recently, we carefully looked through our mission status and personal budget and have decided to pause in our field activity and focus on our support. We are thankful for having more than 68% of what we need, but we believe God would have us trust Him for 100% of our support goal. Acquiring these funds would release us to give all we have into projects like the ones described above.

Please pray for us, and if you can support us financially, please do it. I have reset our progress bar to the right to our support reality, and now we are trusting God to move it all the way to 100%.