A Magic Button

Last night I stayed at the office late. There is a group of us that gather each Tuesday to give some focused time to a task we call Ministry Partner Development. We work at tasks where we can invite more people into our mission by sharing our vision for helping to fulfill the Great Commission. We also spend time on various ways we stay connected to our current friends who make up our support teams. Our office even provides sandwiches and one of our own shares some best practices in MPD. Last night we were asked a question. The question was this, "If you could push a magic button that if pushed would guarantee your paycheck for the rest of your life, would you push it?" My knee jerk response was "yes". Evidently 95% of Christian workers who raise their suport initially say "yes" to this question, so at least I am in popular company. The question came from a new book called The God Ask. However, our friend shared that the author said the purpose of writing the book is to show us that it would be better to say "no" to that question. Umm.

Today in my email I received my e-payroll notice. I will be getting paid $109 this period. Oddly only 28% of my monthly pledged support has come in to my staff account for October. I thought of the question asked last night, and I so wanted that magic button. I'd be lying if I did not say I am a little anxious about it, but I am thinking about what I think the author will say in his book The God Ask. I have front row seats to see and experience God as my Jehovah Jireh (the Lord my Provider). I wonder if what I will see in these next few days would be something the world longs to see. That there is a God who is present, who knows what we need, who's timing is perfect just like all his ways are perfect. Could it be that I will experience something much more life giving than a magic button guranteeing financial provision? Would you push the button?