God Communicates Visually

[flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157636059411284"] We work on over 1700 campus all over the United States. We are fortunate that in most places we can operate in our native language of english, however, there is another language that may be universal. In every person there is another native language and it is a visual one. I love to share that when God made Adam and Eve he did not give them a book to study to learn more about Him. He gave them a garden. We see throughout the bible that God communicated visually through the plagues, tabernacle, and temple etc.. We read in the Psalms where David and others talk about how all of creation tells us about the God who created it all. In seminary they label this visual and experiential communication General Revelation. It is a beautiful and effective way to communicate.

The creative artists in our ministry play an important and critical role in finding beautiful and effective ways to communicate. It was fun to gather them together for a couple of days to nurture relationships, work on some professional development and the sharing of best practices. The pictures above capture some of our gatherings. Thank you for your part in supporting this ministry and specifically Lisa and I so that we can be named among these great staff in helping to fulfill the Great Commission.