Two Hundred Eighty Nine Trust Christ!

8550865268_f914eabb44Our Big-Break conference is nearly over. So many students have stepped up and shared their faith. For many this was the very first time they have done this. God was right there with them and His Spirit called many students to Himself. We are tempted to focus on those that received Christ, and truly all of heaven rejoices over each one of these decisions. When Dr. Bright was with us he was a great personal evangelist, but he would surprise people when he would say if given the choice to share the gospel or share about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, he would choose to talk about the Spirit filled life with a believer. He would explain that a believer learning how to yield to the Holy Spirit will go on to lead many people to Christ, and tell more people about the Spirit. So note that over the last three weeks 752 heard about the Spirit filled life and were given an opportunity to respond!

Here are numbers that reflect courage, boldness, and surrender. Thank you God.

Stats for the week

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