It is on (Big Break in Panama City, FL)

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It is happening even as I write this note this morning. Our staff and students are meeting in Panama City, Florida at our Big Break conference. This morning they are worshiping The Lord, hearing a challenging message, and receiving training on sharing their faith. This afternoon the staff and students will engage with other students on their spring breaks exploring where they are at spiritually and offer to share that God loves them and designed them to know Him personally.

As cold as it was yesterday the staff and students opened the conference with initiating with others and having 650 meaningful spiritual conversations. Out of those 149 heard a clear presentation of the gospel. Fifteen choose to trust Jesus Christ with our staff and students. We hope God will win many more in the days that follow.

If you can cover this conference in your prayers this month it would be such a huge investment in the lives of these students. Pray for the students who are learning to share their faith, many will do this for the first time. Pray also for the students who came to play that they find knowing and following Jesus to be the greatest adventure in which they could ever embark. This is spiritual battle at its finest pray, pray, pray.

Thank you for partnering in this mission. Onward.