It is hard to believe anyone would be coming down to Florida for their Spring Break due to our cold weather, but our conference in Panama City, Florida began today. The conference is known by the name Big Break. Students all over the midwest and the eastern seaboard make their way south in hopes to have some fun in the sun. Literally 10's of thousands of students come to Florida, and Panama City enjoys a large number of them.

Picture of rehearsal

Big Break is designed to be a place to rest and refresh, but to also further grow in a relationship with God and learn to share Him with others even on the beach. The conference will run four weeks. Each week on Sunday and new group of students will arrive to embark on an adventure in their relationship with God and in sharing the gospel in fun and creative ways. If you would like to track with the conference we have a website called big-break.com and I am noticing those attending already using the #bigbreak13 Twitter hashtag.

What are you doing with your Spring Break (for those of you that get one)? :-)