Generation iY (part 2)

Generation iY (book)This is a second post from the thoughts of Tim Elmore about Generation iY. Tim's insights are interesting and challenging. I believe our ministry is up for the challenge in fact, we love this young group of people and long to introduce them to our Savior Jesus Christ. Here is what Tim is thinking about reaching and leading these young people:

  1. Don't think control, think connect.

  2. Don't think inform, think interpret.

  3. Don't think entertain, think equip.

  4. Don't think "Do if for them" think "Help them do it."

  5. Don't think impose, think expose.

  6. Don't think protect, think prepare.

  7. Don't think lecture, think LAB.

Tim's thought is that we must master the art of mentoring them and leading them.

If God's leads you to join us in reaching this generation you can do that through us, by giving resources and praying for us, or let us equip you to do it or join our staff and learn how to reach them and teach others to do so also.