Program and schedule Listening–the theme of our annual National Leadership Conference connected very well with the leaders who gathered in Orlando, Florida at the Double Tree Hotel. I overheard comments from others who felt like this year’s conference was one of the best in which they had participated. Our directors lead us through some of the history of times where God’s people were called to surrender to the Lord and how God’s Spirit moved through those commitments and advanced His kingdom. We then were challenged by looking at a goal to take that message of surrender to a larger number of students and faculty than ever before. What would it look like if one million people surrendered to the Lord: to go where you want me to go, do what you want me to do, say what you want me to say and to give what you want me to give? We listened.

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We began this conversation last year at this same conference. We were moved to begin by challenging those that attended our annual winter conferences (10 of them around the country) where over five thousand students made a commitment to surrender to the Lord. We created a web site that would be one avenue in which people could make this commitment (

The task has begun and we are listening to how God would direct us to give others an opportunity to respond to this call of surrender. Have you surrendered to the Lord?