Break out your colors

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We call them "creatives", but they are a mixture of graphic, web, set, and motion designers with photographers and those skilled in making video and films. God has co-created with these types dating all the way back to the creation of the tabernacle and Jerusalem temples. God created us to visually see and experience truth as well as relate with Him and others through our eyes. Our generation, like generations preceding us, have a visual language that enables us to better understand life. God has called people with these talents into our mission to help reach the Great Commission and it was a pleasure to enjoy a couple of days together here in Orlando deepening our relationships with one another, developing ourselves professionally, and sharing some of our best practices. Our Orlando team hosted 35 of our staff who have media roles throughout our Campus ministry with Cru. Above are some photos that capture some of our interactions together.

Please pray for us to rely on the Holy Spirit's inspiration for creativity as we seek to connect with the eyes and hearts of this generation through the various ministry assets we are entrusted to make. All of my local team, Lisa and I included, must find greater funding to sustain our lives and ministries. Pray for The Lord to provide for us.

For those who remember to pray and are able to give to our ministry thank you so much. Only through a partnership of us going and others praying and giving are we able to continue helping to fulfill the Great Commission.