"Yes" to Jesus

firstday b+w Mez and Kamise trusted Christ! Lisa and I took the girls to Sweet (a cupcake shop) last Wednesday afternoon. I unfolded the gospel story for them and asked the girls if they would like to invite Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. After some rich conversation and thoughtful questions, they both said “yes, right now!” They asked Dennis to lead them in a prayer and they repeated the invitational prayer receiving God’s most precious gift of relationship with Him forever! We rejoiced as did those in the heavenlies.


This wonderful milestone followed another significant step. We are celebrating one year with the girls and have enjoyed bonding with them and they with us. Lisa has beautifully introduced to the girls to phonics, math, reading, and one day a week they have joined other students learning history, art, geography, latin, and grammar. However, they need additional resources to help them catch up to their age/grade level. So, we enrolled them in the elementary school blocks away from our home. Today is their first day in a class of ten kids with a teacher who specializes in working with kids who have similar academic needs. It is a win for Lisa and for the girls. It was a gift to meet, Anutu, a 9 year-old girl from South Africa who is seated next to Meseret.

This week Dennis helps host creative staff in the Campus Ministry in meetings to build relationships, gain professional development, and share best practices. More on that in some messages to follow.