A window into Cole

At the top of a water slide This past week I took Cole, Mez and Kamise to south Florida to cram in the use of a timeshare week which was expiring. The resort's main pool possessed a little loopy loop water slide. Nothing wild. However, you wouldn't have known that by the passion with which Cole pursued me to ride that slide. Every day he begged me to ride the slide. And every day I told him to wait til the end of the week, dreading when the day would come for the water temperature is not very balmy this time of year. And now that I'm a Floridian, I prefer balmy.

Our final day at the resort arrived. After much coercing, I made my trek over to the slide, up the steep blue stairs, and onto the slide. With my body weight, I sort of pushed myself down the loops and plopped into the water. After three attempts, I had done my duty and waited for the kids to finish their 15-20 turns.

After the grand slide adventure, Cole swept me into his arms and took pride carrying me around the pool . With my arms around his neck, I asked if he was going to sweep his bride into his arms like that on his wedding night as he carried her across the threshold into wherever they happened to stay that night.


He paused for a minute, smiled big and exclaimed, “Only if she rides the waterside first!”

I howled at the top of my lungs as we bantered about the necessity of his wedding being by a waterside.

Fun. Playful. Two of Cole's most wonderful qualities. And it seems his wife may need to be fun and playful too!

That night as the four of us sat around the dinner table sharing our highs and lows for the day, Cole exclaimed his high without a thought.....

"Mom riding down the water slide!"

It's mystery to me how my three trips down the waterslide could be my son's highlight for the day. It sure doesn't take much for me to deposit into his love tank.

So why is it so stinkin' challenging to do those little things every day?