Storing up treasure

Treasure Chest with Gold Coins Close-Up "Where is Your Heart" was the title of the message our pastor gave last Sunday. He was speaking out of Matthew's letter chapter 6 verses 19 and 20. I enjoyed his thoughts about the investments we make now can actually be investments that last forever. Those of you investing time in prayer and sharing your resources are doing just that. My friend and one of our National Directors, Pete Kelly, shared some thoughts about the results of partnering with our ministry. I thought you would enjoy them as well. Here are Pete's words.

For those of you who support the ministry of Cru, God has done some pretty amazing things this fall.  Thanks to your help, students and faculty all over the world are hearing the gospel and are experiencing life-change.  Here are some of my favorite highlights of what God has done:

1. At the University of North Dakota, a school of only 10,000, 421 students come to Christ at a recent outreach called "The Maze."

2. A student at Texas Tech has led ten of his friends to Christ in the first two months of the school year.

3.  A communications professor at a large state school recently sent one of our Cru staff the following email:  “Tomorrow 325 students will hear my testimony as part of my lecture in 3 sections of Comm 105, and you are a large part of the reason why.”  

4. At the University of Florida, our staff member Scott was greeted by the smell of stale beer as he entered the KA fraternity to share with the 26 pledges.  The comment card he received from a student named Evan was priceless: "I need some help. I've got a lot of questions. I have been trying to find God for the past couple months."   Evan is now a believer in Christ.

5. At the University of Illinois, the team is following up over 3,400 “One Minute Questionnaires.”  Six students have already said “yes” to Jesus.  Three of the six are from China.

6. Dartmouth collected over 800 contacts from students interested in either knowing more about Christ or getting involved in a Bible Study.  This is exciting as the Northeast is known to have a difficult spiritual climate.

7. An Iranian student name Ahmad stopped by a Cru welcome table at his school in Ohio and asked to speak with someone about Christ.  Before the school year had started, a man had given him a Bible and told him that it would save his life.  Not long afterwards, Ahmad witnessed a shooting.  When the gunman realized that Ahmad had witnessed his crime, he chased after him and fired four shots.  Miraculously, none of the bullets hit Ahmad, but were lodged in the Bible inside his backpack.  Because of this experience Ahmad was curious to know more about Christianity.  After meeting with a Cru volunteer, he placed his faith in Christ.

8. Cru at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo invited fraternities and sororities to be a part of packing meals for the organization “Feed My Starving Children”.  In two days, they packed 200,232 meals that will help feed 550 children.

9. The team in Paris gave away 500 Bibles in two hours to students who came up and requested them.  One professor even gave money for the team to go buy more Bibles.

God is doing something unique in this generation of students.  In 20 years of ministry I am not sure I've seen a more spiritually responsive freshman class.  We don't know how long this window of openness will last, but we want to take advantage of the time the Lord has given us and get the gospel message in as many hands as possible.  Thank you for your generous support of the ministry which enables our staff and volunteers to give their full attention to this spiritual harvest.

For those that are able to partner with Lisa and I, thank you. We are grateful for your friendship and for your commitment to God and His mission.