"Who would like some oatmeal?" I asked. I had four takers, and I headed to the kitchen to make four awesome bowls of the popular porridge. After I got them on the table I rounded up the crew to enjoy their breakfast. I had more things to do to get ready, and so I disappeared before everyone arrived. I had to return to the kitchen just after my little people gathered, and one of them was displeased that I had given them so much. They went on to say they did not want this much, and that they wanted an egg. I could feel a little heat coming to my face. "Lord, how can I be holy in my response when I feel like lashing back with something that will put her in a place I think she should be" in my thoughts. I said as evenly as I could muster, "Thank you dad for the cereal" and turned and finished gathering what I needed for the day.

On my way to work I was seething inside telling God, "Why can't she be grateful? She makes me mad. I whisked by a paramedic truck pulling out of a sub-division strangely without siren or lights. I went on with my grumblings about the kid's entitled attitude. A thought occurred to me, "Maybe there were no lights on the paramedic truck because the person they went to help was beyond help, and they were now just transporting a body." Yikes, have I expressed any gratitude toward God today that I even have breath today?" "How entitled am I" I thought. On my face I go. Thank you God for your forgiveness, mercy and grace.

I have a lot of room to grow and so does my daughter. How about you?