High Tech and High Touch

ops-call Technology is moving amazingly fast. It was just two years ago we ventured into meeting by phone and video. The first attempts were adventuresome as we tried to overcome technological barriers. Blurry pictures and garbled audio were normal. Today I experienced the best video conference meeting to date. Our task in operations is to continue to build capacity for the rest of our mission to excel still more. We think we have a found a good tool using some great technology to increase our staff's ability in leading with a personal touch when travel is either expensive or complicated.

Having found a good tool now we are happy to begin to deploy it for our leaders to use. We have found that we can meet more frequently which when our product, if you will, is people growing in their relationship with God and learning how to make Him known, meeting frequently can be important.

By the way the photo above is a video conference I was in yesterday. There was a day we only had "face time" three times a year. Now we are getting it every month. Our prayer is that God will use this to advance his mission.