Good to be here

It is stimulating to be with men and women who long to walk intimately with God and who share the burden to help fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord. There is a lot of energy with this group to wisely use our people, technology and resources.

We are in day one of our annual autum meetings. I enjoy hearing the stories of gains we have made in various regions. There are problems too, but I love how we are moving into them in prayer and with creative ideas. We all are grateful to God that much is happening all over our country.

One of our newer tools is called Mission Hub. This new service leverages texting, and databases to connect and track with students and faculty. It is a technology tool that is enabling us to do a much more thorough job of tracking our contacts starting wtih a new acquaintence and on to a mature multiplying disciple.

Pray for us as we move forward finding ways in which we can help fulfilling the Great Commission even better.