Last week we welcomed two new team members. We took a couple of days as a team to talk about where we have been, where we are now and where we hope to go. The fresh look was helpful to all of us I believe.

Our past as a team reveals hundreds of design solutions that has helped our ministry share the gospel to over a 100 million people. We have created designs that helped build the life of Christ into more than 70,000 students. We have helped train up and send more than 3,000 on summer projects and more than 300 on year long mission assignments overseas. Satisfaction wells up in us in the grace we have enjoyed to be able to participate in this work, and yet our mission is so much bigger than this and we must push forward.

We have a great team in Orlando and in Austin, and growing media teams in our ten regional offices rallying together. Once again we will seek out ways to use the visual language of our day to win, build and send as a part in helping to fulfilling the Great Commission.

We need your prayers. Onward.