it is a happy new year

iStock_000018458334XSmall You know with all the school busses moving about and the traffic snarl ups around our schools that we have begun a new year. We live in the academic world so our schedules here at Cru mirror the educational timelines. September 1 is our new year, and we are blessed to begin this new year with new team members. This year we have two guys joining our team of eight making us a team of ten here in Orlando. We have an Austin, Texas team of six. I look forward to introducing you to these people as we move into the year.

In addition to the media teams here in Orlando and Austin, we have our ten regional offices where media staff are reporting. Together it is our task to assist our ministry in communicating the gospel in the visual language of our audience. Pray for us as these various teams assemble that we find the Spirit's rhythm and learn to function together anew.