I am back in class

[flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157630990059724"]National priorities, Leading from a Distance, Building Your Personal Capacity were some of the topics covered in what we call our National Leadership School. Last week I was a participant in our 2012 class of new leaders. Actually I have been serving in a national role already, but we developed this new training later. I found it encouraging, affirming and stimulating.

It was encouraging as they normalized that at times leading is really hard work, and at times it can be lonely as well. I have felt that. It was affirming to have them share some principles in guiding teams that I have already been practicing. It was stimulating to hear some of the ideas and examples of building personal capacity. Now the real work is to implement this training.

It was a great week with some outstanding people. I am grateful to serve with such a competent, capable and godly group of men and women. Thank you God.