Yummy Food

Last Sunday we enjoyed worship and part of the service was communion. The girls have watched us worship this way a number of times now. They are very curious and Kamise leaned over to me and said, "I want to do that." I told her I am thrilled that she wants to participate in it. I asked what do you think it means. She responded, "I don't know." Then she said, "Mommy said it is about Jesus in our hearts." I said, "That is part of it. What do you think it means to have the bread." Kamise responds, "I don't know. It looks so yummy I want to have some." I smiled and said, "Honey, I think you will join us going up there for communion. When you understand what it is about, you and I will go up there together." She nodded and continued to stare at the bread.

The girls remain curious about so many things, and we are delighted that they are hungry to learn about God and His ways. We are building a foundation of understanding one truth at a time. Their home in Ethiopia had some spiritual influence in them where their hearts are inclined toward God. The girls are gaining more words where they can talk about their lives as well as understand new words that open up more truth for them. It is an exciting journey for them and us.