Just for Fun

Our interns came in this morning and announced, "We have something for you!" after our team devotion. They then produced a clear bag full of M and M's in the colors of our our new identity. I guess all the identity work we have assigned them is getting to them. Here is our logo in M and M's.

Later today we have a meeting with a number of different departments where we will show them new letterhead, business cards, note cards and receipts. Some of you will see these receipts in the near future :-) (Thank you).

Other notable projects that will occupy our week are new Cru banners (used at various events as well as at our entrance to the National Campus Office), a quick start guide for our staff and volunteers to help them use our new identity (reduces our 38 page style guide to one page single side), and then we are working with a newer strategy called Story Runner with a product called Storywave. Story Runner is a strategy that has created just shy of 60 stories that tell God's story orally to non-literate people groups, while Storywave is a new initiative to take these same stories to a post literate culture that would rather watch or listen to something than sit down and read it (America, Europe, etc.). The training materials for this new strategy is where our attention is focused.

Our interns are engaged in all these projects, and we are enjoying all their fresh ideas. Plus we are enjoying the extra fun they bring to our team. Yum!