Solving Design Problems

Picture of theLAB work queue It is great to have the students working with us this summer, especially with such a full queue of work. We have 37 projects in the mix. Eight of them are on hold as we gather more information about them. That leaves us with 29 lively projects. Most of them are connected with rebranding parts of our ministry using our new style and visual identity. Each of them represent what we call a design problem. We have to solve that problem and present the strongest solution we are capable of delivering. They are actually more than that, however. All this work is the way people will experience us, and it is our prayer that that experience will say or feel like, "A caring community  passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ." That is Cru. That is what we have been, and God willing, that is what we will remain as we continue our mission to help fulfill the Great Commission.