Orlando Summer Project

Summer time for us brings a bit of variety. We have more than 80 different missions projects to staff literally all over the world. Students select to participate in these projects as early as October. They often raise funds to join a project not following the typical norm of college students who use the summer to earn money for the coming year. Our students need to do that too, but they elect to save much less in favor of learning how to share their faith, and then telling others about Jesus Christ.

One of the projects students can select is what we call the Orlando Summer Project. This project is unique in that the students actually join us here at our World Headquarters and take on jobs along side us to help support all the field activity happening around the world. My team will host three of these students who will intern with us in creating solutions to various design problems we need to solve to make us more effective in sharing the story of Jesus Christ everywhere.

The picture above is one of the early gatherings of this team of students who have joined us in Orlando this summer. Their week is full of work with us during the day, and then added to that they have bible study, ministry training, outreach and fun social activities. It makes for a very full week.

I will introduce you to the students working on our team after they officially report June 18th.