New Leaders More Movements

MTL Training Campus Director was the title movement leaders used to identify their role in facilitating evangelism and discipleship on campuses in their area. I was honored to use  this title for 10 years. We changed that title to Missional Team Leaders (MTL)a few years back to better communicate how the role is meant to provide leadership for multiple movements beyond just one campus. This week we have hosted new MTL's in what we call New Missional Team Training right here in our office.

Today the training included how to present your mission, vision and your budget that is needed to reach your scope with the Gospel. The new leaders practiced their presentations with business professionals who volunteered to give of their time and hear the presentations as well as give insightful feedback in ways the MTL might tell their story more effectively.

One of our directors asked if my team could help capture some of these appointments. Here is a link to some of new leaders making their presentations.