Back Scratchers

Who knew that learning to use a back scratcher could be so entertaining. Kamise's back was scratchy this morning. I offered to scratch, but my offering would not suffice. She wanted more. Lisa stores a couple back scratching sticks on top of the fridge so I thought just for grins I would show her how to use it so she could scratch her own back to her delight. Oh my. Picture this little eight year old see sawing with this stick back and forth over her head. She exclaimed, "Dad, this does not bend and reach my back." She found it difficult to understand how one must hold their elbow in the air and pull and push up and down. It was comical. I marveled at the wonder and intrigue Kamise had for learning to use a stick to scratch her back.

There is something about this very funny and basic event that is like sharing Christ with others. We may think they already know about Jesus, or we may even think they would not even care to meet him or talk about him, but then again we may find a Kamise that wants to learn and figure it out.

That perhaps felt like a stretch, but it is Monday morning and staff and students leaders are waking up and will be introducing others to Jesus all this week. I hope they find others who are ready for the wonder and majesty of the love of Jesus Christ.