2012003 0084 Four months ago the course of our family life radically changed. Really it began to change 16 months before that when we took our first steps to respond to God urging us to adopt two girls from Ethiopia. After two trips to Addis Abbaba the girls returned with us, and would you believe that was four months to the day. It took that time to finally get a photo of us all, and I like to take pictures. That will give you a hint how crazy life feels to us.

Many reading this prayed for us. A number of you supported this journey with financial resources. We are so, so grateful. Thank you. We were aware that this journey would not just be our journey, for we did not have what it would take to do it, rather God was going to join others with us and make it happen. He did it, and we are amazed and grateful.

The journey continues and we are taking it step by step. We have not been alone as friends have rallied around us, and the support has been generous.

Again thank you to all those with us. We have felt your support and we thank God for it.