Tae kwon do really?

 It seemed like a great idea. Our boys are in this tae kwon do program at a local church. It is the best deal in town, so it seemed like it would be fun for the girls to try it. They were gun hoe when we told them about it (not sure if they really know what it is). So here I am sitting in watching them learn how to kick, block and punch. 

Then I started to think about material we had studied prior to adopting the girls. I read some resources that suggested that some children might process their losses physically. "Umm... is this a good idea having the girls learn to kick, block and punch?" This could go down as one of those things to avoid when adopting. Stay tuned in to see how this works out. :-)

 Really the girls are doing so well. Every day we hear new words from them as well as see signs they understand more what we are saying. It is amazing to witness. They are talking more and more and the sound level at home is rising. 

 Now if we can just get over jet lag.