Home: day 1

Whew, it feels like it’s been much longer than three days since Meseret and Kamise joined our fold. What’s truer than true about our adoption journey, is that we have been still, and waited for the strong arm of the Creator of the Universe to move on our behalf, and in wonder and awe, been jaw-dropped by His faithful movement. Friday night after the airport bash, we led the girls into their bedroom painted faint pumpkin and distressed blue. Their bunk beds awaited them. Their closet was full. They ran to their dolls…and played furiously, undressing them, dressing them, exploring every basket beneath their white bunk beds, reorganizing everything inside, absolutely delighted by their dolls. After play and a short tour of their home, we tucked them, and their dolls, into their beds, prayed with them, and delighted in the reality that they were safe, protected, and nestled beneath a clean, poofy comforter which was their own (thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Halversen).

Saturday morning brought Cole’s fabulous french toast! Big brother couldn’t wait to cook for his sisters. He’s delighted in being the baby of our first three, taking advantage of any perk possible as the baby. My heart expanded watching him thrive under the responsibility of caring for these two. He served us all and we graduated to the dining room fro breakfast, as the kitchen nook would no longer accommodate us all. We’ve graduated to the big table!

Next, there were magical moments in front of the closet. Meseret and Kamise scanned all the possibilities, and without hesitation, went for the tiered, sequined mini skirts, brightly colored, blinged camis, and headbands. They tried on every boot and shoe in their rooms. Prancing around like princesses. Kamise, who had tended to be camera-shy, was posing like a model, babies in arms. Our prom princesses were home.

They played in their room for several hours, cleaned up and organized their belongings (Meseret is quite the organizer) after which, we led them outside to the trampoline. Mes and Kam giggled and gasped (a common Ethiopian reaction…the gasping) tore off their boots and crawled up to the bouncy black mesh. Judy, our dear friend, dropped by for the afternoon to join the wonder. Our girls looked like birds who’d just found their legs. We laughed hysterically. Sequined beauties flopping all over the tramp, giggling hard. Hours and hours of fun. Virginia, a dear friend from SC joined us for the weekend as well. Every one of us taking turns with the sequined beauties.

The girls grew more and more at home as the day progressed. The Londres’s dropped by with a monster bowl of strawberries…we devoured them through the evening, the girls eating to their hearts content. Virginia made us dinner, freeing me to join the kids on the tramp, where the girls clung to me as if they’d always been mine. Jumping as one, we giggled loud, tumbled, jumped, tumbled and eventually, collapsed on the black mesh, watching the sun set and the moon take it’s place in the sky. We were sardined together…Cole, Kamise, me, Meseret, Madison and our adopted sis, Sarah. Coolness came, blankets appeared and for a long time, the six of us snuggled, admiring the moon and one star visible in our Orlando sky:)

They devoured the wonderful lasagna V prepared for dinner, which was a relief. They’d been missing their doro wat, tibs and other Ehiopian faves. After a long, full day, we thanked the Father for His overwhelming grace. A day which brought never-ending wonder. The gift of new eyes. The gift of knowing this could be so challenging, yet our daughters hungered for attachment and it was so good. We'd prepared ourselves for the worst (our adoption education was sobering) and we were being lavished by the best. As we drank in creation, I drank in the faithfulness of the Creator. He whispered to me 15 months ago when I heard His voice telling us to "Go" that this would be for His glory alone. I knew we were in way above our heads, but wanted only to walk in the path He'd prepared for us. He alone pulled off the adoption, led us to Mes and Kam, provided over $43000 to bring them home. He alone brought us worshipers who already seem to adore Him. His grace this day was more than sufficient. Pure joy.