We fly tomorrow!

Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. We learned that government offices overseas hold to this celebration as well, and so we did not get our Embassy appointment confirmed until Tuesday morning. As soon as we heard we had a confirmed meeting at the US Embassy on Monday at 9am in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia we booked our flights. We fly tomorrow (Friday January 20th).

Many details have come together for us to be freed up to travel including one of our best friends Judy Lewis, recently married and who has moved to Atlanta, planned to be in Orlando the very dates of our travels, who now will stay with our kids! Judy, has been with us on this adoption journey from the beginning, and it is a very sweet blessing she is able to be with us for the send off and will be here for our welcome home. This is incredible. Thank you Father.

We will return next Friday at 6p very tired (after more than 28 hours of flying) with two little girls, who up until now have never traveled more than maybe 40 mph in a car, and have only done that a couple times in their lives.

There will be much to process in the days that follow. Lisa and I will not have words the girls will understand to help them. We will be as present as we can for them, and walk the best we know how with them as they enter a very different world.

We covet your prayers. A heartfelt thanks to all who have walked with us to this point. We have needed you, your words and your prayers. We are so grateful.

We will post what we can as we go, but our first trip proved to be a challenge to find internet access. We will see if we can do better this time.

Off we go.