going to get our girls....grace upon grace

We received another email from Sue Hedberg this week....if you've been following our story, you know what that means. My heart skips a beat and something life-changing is going to likely occur. Sue offered us possible appointment dates with the US Embassy in Addis Ababa. January 19, 23 and 24th. This means Meseret and Kamise are coming home to their "forever family". Their birthfather has an appointment with the Embassy tomorrow and if all goes as planned, we will be "cleared to travel" and pick-up our daughters. The news felt surreal, once again. A friend responded to the news in a text message yesterday, "Your babies are coming home!" As I read those words, the reality sunk in. These are my daughters. They are Brockmans. They belong to us.

I'm full of anticipation. However, right now the expression of our loved ones excitement seems greater than mine. Perhaps I'm preoccupied with gathering the various oils and products they'll need to care for their hair and skin, discerning the appropriate curriculum to educate them, wondering what this transition will be like for us all. I am excited they're coming home. I am expectant. I need prayer for my mind to remember that His grace envelopes our household and that "He who calls you is faithful, and He will do it." I'm grateful for the emotion those around us are displaying, for I think I'm tasting the Father's excitement through them.

I'm stunned that He's so faithfully provided the financial means to bring the girls home. Faith released. We are almost there! We have no idea what sort of medical expenses we'll encounter after they come home and we also will need to pay an attorney to enable us to readopt them in the US.

A sweet friend of mine, who is an incredible creative jewelry designer, has offered to donate 50% of her jewelry sales over the next 2 months help with these expenses. Grace enveloping.

So, go check out her custom-designed jewelry at http://www.designsbytahra.etsy.com!!! And I'd say that even if she weren't donating from her sales to us!