on our way to Ethiopia

Date: October 29, 2011 8:11 AMTopic: in flight to Ethiopia

Dear friends, I wanted to give you an update if I'm able to find a wi-fi connection where I'll actually send this off to you. Covet your prayers.

This journey remains oddly surreal. I clamored to get Madison, Keegan and Cole cared for and all of their needs met during our five day trip to Addis Ababa. That is a good deal of labor. I read suggestions from our adoption agency for the court date trip. It stated we should show up well rested. Comical. Parents of three children…showing up rested. On what planet? Not the Brockmans anyway. And how is one possibly rested after traveling for over 24 hours? Orlando-Houston-Frankfurt-Addis Ababa. 9 hour time change in the end. I feel hammered. Presently, we’re flying over the desert of Cairo. It stirs memories of our one day excursion there 3 years ago. Filthy, dark, spiritually heavy. It was there your people were enslaved. It was from there you brought them into the promised land.

Questions which still occupy my mind are, “What are we doing? What have we gotten ourselves into?” Jill Monarch shared with me the other day that she thought those same thoughts before she and Tom adopted Sam, their first of three adopted children. Thankful to have all of my fearful thoughts normalized. I can’t believe we are flying to Africa right now. This doesn’t even seem real, except that

  • we’ve been traveling for 22 hours,
  • eating food that all smells the same whether it's pasta or beef packaged in little tiny containers
  • futility attempting to find a comfortable position in the most uncomfortably designed chairs on the planet, AND
  • the map on the plane shows we just flew over Cairo and have only 2:35 minutes until we touch down in Addis Ababa.

I suppose reality will hit us like a brick wall, or your tender hand, when we meet Meseret and Kamise tomorrow morning! Holy Smokes. And perhaps the surreal will fade into real when we’re standing in court, before a judge, pledging ourselves to these orphaned girls. I look forward to that moment, Father. Stunning.

How the Father has challenged us to walk by faith this last year. What an intensel training ground. But Good. He is allowing us to see His face more clearly. In the past 3 weeks, He's provided $6000 toward the adoption! Someone say Hallelujah! Madison and I were talking about the last week’s gifts and I asked her how it is affecting her. Like me, part of her thought God might be faithful to provide for the adoption, and the other part thought He might leave us hanging in the lurch…"to teach us some lesson." Father, what a gift it would be for our children to see you as the Faithful One that you are this early in their lives.

Dennis and I are up and down and all around but I think more than anything, walking by faith into the unexpected. And we are expectant. And we are overwhelmed. And we long more than anything to be fully present in every part of it. And we believe we are right where the Father wants us.

So keep throwing up prayers on our behalf! Because we've never been more desperate…and that's definitely right where He wants us:) And I just looked out my window and the Creator of the Universe has painted one of the most brilliantly stunning sunsets I've ever laid eyes on. His beauty reflected everywhere.