We made it

Can things be surreal and yet you are living the very thing that is surreal? Here we are in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and we can hardly believe it. This morning we woke up and after breakfast we were driven to the see the girls. We arrived and we are mobbed by a number of beautiful children, but none looked liked the girls we have seen in pictures and video. Finally after bounding and holding a number of other girl and boys in came our Meseret and Kamise. The care givers had taken the time to put them in nice cloths and done their hair and even their finger nails. They looked wonderful and had big smiles on their faces. They walked straight to Lisa and gave her a hug, they then found me and did the same. It was a gift.

Tomorrow our court time is 9am. Sometime tomorrow these girls will become Brockman's and we initiate the immigration process to the USA. Wow.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and resources. Tomorrow I give $808 ($404 for each girl) to the US immigration services to begin the process of bringing the girls to the USA. For those who have given to this adventure THANK YOU. There are more expenses to pay. We have just over half of the final amount. We only need $13k more. Amazing.

If you can join us in bringing Meseret and Kamise home please click on the "Join Us..." link under Quick Links. We would be forever grateful if you can be a part of this with us.