The Adventure Continues

20111022-132736.jpg It is Saturday.  In six days, we leave for Ethiopia to formalize our commitment to Meseret and Kamise. We will be in court on Monday morning, October 31 where, if all goes as planned, the judge will name Meseret and Kamise Brockmans. It still feels surreal.

Early this week our agent notified us that their father made the 14-hour trip to the capital city of Addis Ababa to officially relinquish his rights as their dad and embrace them one final time. Emotions well from deep within us at the thought. One of the ruthless sides of poverty.

If you have been with us from the beginning of this journey, you might remember us saying that the girls mother died about four years ago. The father has other wives, but they are only able to care for the children they have birthed. There is not enough to care for step-children. Because of these harsh circumstances, their father put them up for adoption.

So we will pick up the baton that was begun by this struggling family and give all we can to enable Meseret and Kamise to be released to become all that God designed  them to do and be.

After analyzing our numbers, I'm encouraged to find we are inching closer to finding the funds to make this adoption a reality. We need just shy of $15k to meet our known expenses. I updated our gauges on the right side of this page to reflect our current reality. If just 150 of my 606 Facebook friends gave $100 we would have what we need. If you can be part of this adventure I invite you to consider jumping in with us. Navigate to our website and click on "Join us..." under Quick Links on the right side of page.