University of Utah

I just read a message from our National Director, Mark Gauthier that contained news about our alma mater, the University of Utah. I could not pass on sharing that news with you, and there is encouraging news from other parts of the country as well. God is so sweet to be moving through our efforts this fall. We are grateful and excited and long for even more stories like these. Here is what Mark said,

God is doing some amazing things among students and faculty.  At the University of Utah, three women who are roommates, trusted Christ during the first week of class.    In the first 18 days on campus, 29 students have placed their trust in Christ  at the University of Iowa.  A high school student, Breanna, went to East Asia with her church.  She came back and asked to volunteer at Brown to reach out to international students.  She has raised up two other students to help and they had 4 Chinese students attend the first Bible study.  One commented, “Maybe in a few months, I’ll be a Christian.”.  Each of these lives are forever changed, because of Christ's lovingkindness.  Truly, your labor is not in vain.