Worldwide Day of Prayer

We call it the Worldwide Day of Prayer or WDOP. Two times a year as a ministry all around the world we pause from our regular schedules to hear about places and ways God is moving as well as pray for his grace and favor as we continue to be about His work. Judy Douglas, wife of our president Steve Douglas, opened our time in prayer. She began by asking if we knew why we schedule the WDOP for the this date in October. Even after 29 years on our staff I did not no the answer to that question. Judy went on to say that 60 years ago today the ministry began. This is the official birthday of Campus Crusade for Christ!

We have one staff person that celebrates her 60th year on our staff as well, and that is of course Vonette Bright. She could not be with us today as I learned that she just had her hip replaced and is convalescing in Minnesota. It was reported that she is doing very well.