How's that name change working out?

This past Sunday I sat next to friend who knew I worked with Cru (officially January 1, 2012), and he asked, "How's that name change working out for you guys?" I shared that we are beginning to receive some positive responses from our communities, but I allowed that change is not easy for everyone. The facilitator of the of branding team, Mike Adamson, shared a story with those of us who worked on this project today. It encouraged me and I hope it will you too, and give you a glimpse of how we hope our new name will be experienced. A couple from our Charlotte Metro Team

It was only our second weekly meeting, and three Muslim students walked past the doors to a room full of noise and excitement. I was there to see them pause for a moment of curiosity. They looked to me and asked what was going on.

One hour later, I had made three new friends. During that time, we had an incredible conversation on the topic of Jesus, and who he really is. It all started because I was able to say, 'We are Cru, a Christian group here on campus, and this is our weekly meeting.' The new name opened a door that might have been instantly shut in the past. A few weeks prior I had the same experience with a group of students taking a smoke break outside their dorm. Cru is making conversation with the unreached people on our campus that much easier so that we can get to the name that really matters, Jesus Christ.

Mike closed with this,

Thank you for your prayers and for endeavoring on this mission with us! We are thrilled to be doing this work, and even as much to have you alongside us.

I would like to pass on that thanks to all those who enable Lisa and me to continue to work in this mission as well.