Skype to Africa


At 11 AM this morning we enjoyed a wonderful experience. For the first time we were able to interact with Meseret and Kamise live via Skype. It was 6 in the evening their time (they are 7 hours ahead of us here on the east coast). Just two days earlier they survived a 14 hour journey by van from their village of Kamashi to the capital of Ethiopia--Addis Ababa. I have to say "survived" because there little bodies are not use to the movements of a vehicle, and so all the kids traveling (eight total) with Meseret and Kamise were all sick on the ride. However, they did not show any fatigue looking at them today. They were bright and full of smiles. Looking into their eyes one could see their excitement. We hope they saw the same thing in our eyes. It was a treat to interact with them and the reality of their lives becoming part of ours became much more real.

We would show you their beautiful faces, however, we are still under agreement with the Ethiopia system to not do so until after our court date. Some of you did get to see them via our printed newsletter. We have permission to share a picture of them that way, but not on the internet (there are still some benefits of regular mail).

Pray, pray, pray

  • the girls and all the change
  • the girls say goodbye to their dad on Oct 18th
  • we continue to look for the Lord's provision to fund this part of the journey
  • Thank you.