Thank you Lord!

20110919-073434.jpg Praise Him! Just because, and also for the ways He chooses to reveal Himself. No matter how He chooses to move He is worthy, and He moved in amazing ways this week. Two of the foundations we applied to for adoption funds has answered "yes" to helping us. Both funds are so, so generous and we are filled with gratitude. One foundation will contribute $4k, and the other $1k. Again, we are so thankful and filled with wonder at God's goodness.

In addition to that, our Cru benefits will allow us to apply for $3.5k for each girl so that makes another $7k. Again we are so grateful.

Now the adventure continues in that just this past week I received two bills related to the adoption. One is for the country fee (Ethiopia) for $17k (this we hope goes to help care for the 5 million orphans there. The other is for $5,200 to our agency to cover all the ways they shepherd our case through the process including flying over to Ethiopia to keep things moving and to check in on the waiting children, ours included.

A final $5k will help us bring the girls home helping us to buy two roundtrip tickets, and two one way tickets back to the USA.

Praying friends join us in petitioning our Father to help us find these resources, or that His resources will find us.

We invite all those led to join us in this adventure financially to either give a gift through our Campus Crusade for Christ give site [a tax deductible receipt will be mailed to you] or send a check to