new court date!

We are on again.! However, if you have been following our adoption journey you may note a cautious excitement welling up in us. Last time we could not wait to share that we had a court date of June 17th and we shared it the very same day. This time we have known for three days now and we are very excited, but are cautious to get our hopes up to high. In fact, Lisa and I have joked that we will let our hopes fly when we close the door on the court in Ethiopia on our way out. So our new court date is October 31, and we are thrilled.

You might remember if you are tracking with us on this adoption that Ethiopia requires two trips. This court date is a formality that allows us to demonstrate that we do want the girls. We will be asked a number of questions before a judge, and if the judge is satisfied the girls will be awarded to us. We then will meet them for our first time in person. We will leave the court together and have the opportunity to spend a day or two together (this somewhat depends on what we can afford in both time and money). We return to the USA and wait for our date to return and pick up the girls a final time and bring them home with us. Historically this has been around five weeks after the court date. So it is quite possible Meseret and Kamise will be with us to celebrate Christmas!

I trust the intercessors for us will find a few things for which to ask God. We covet your prayers. Note our progress in finding funds. We are in His generous and resourceful hands. Thank you for making requests to our Father on our behalf.