stint and summer projects serve japan's tsunami victims

While we are enjoying our bi-annual National Staff Conference our summer projects and short term international teams (STINT) continue to extend the love of Christ into far flung places. Here is a report on one of our projects in Japan.

It’s been four months since the tsunami hit Japan and more than 110,000 people are living in temporary shelters.  Even more are displaced, and over 23,000 listed as dead or missing.  The needs in northern Japan are still critical and urgent. [gallery columns="2"] (click on picture to see entire image)

Most STINT and Summer Project teams had the privilege of serving in the destruction zone with students they have met on campus.  While shoveling muck out of buildings or serving food, the Good News of Jesus Christ goes out to hearts that are tuned to the Lord.  Thousands in the church, including Campus Crusade, have responded and are active in relief and rebuilding efforts.  For ways to connect to the rebuilding effort, go to