not now

Our hopes were dashed a little as we read a group communication our agency used to communicate to a number of families about their adoption process. We heard nine families were given new court dates, but we were not one of those families. All we know is that we are not going tomorrow.

This process is so up and down I can’t communicate anything with any authority. I am actually relieved a bit that we will not have to eject from our conference here, and then scramble to get international flights to Ethiopia, and yet both Lisa and I long to bring Meseret and Kamise home. It is good to know our Father is not surprised or anxious or perplexed by any of this. His kingdom reigns and with humbleness and gratefulness we are a part of that secure kingdom.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we move forward. We are ready for a great conference, and remain open to all the Lord will choose to do in the days ahead.