Our family was scurrying around, packing suitcases, and taking care of tasks before we embarked on our trip out to Colorado for our bi-annual staff training. Lisa, while on an errand, placed a call to our adoption agency to “check in” and see if there was any news about the status of our adoption. For the past eight weeks, our agency’s adoptions out of our girls’ orphanage have been frozen due to government garbage. Thus, we were forced to miss our June 17th court date in Ethiopia.

Lisa had received an email to call our agent (Sue). She was “jaw-dropped” when our agent  said we need to prepare to fly to Ethiopia asap. The government garbage has been cleared and it’s likely the judge will see all of the missed cases immediately. Sue is hoping to get us through court before August 1 as the courts close down for two months due to the rainy season. Suddenly the roller coaster is flying down and we’re awaiting the final word from Sue. Will we wait longer or will we embrace our daughters within the next two weeks? Only our Creator knows. Surprisingly, we’re becoming a little bit more comfortable living in mystery and the reality that we have control over very little yet are more inclined toward resting in the One who is in control.