projects everywhere


Right this second we have projects going on all over the world. I was a student in 1980 and I spent my summer on our project in Lake Tahoe, California. I just saw a report from that very project. It encouraged me and I thought you would enjoy it. Here is what Matt McComis (the staff development director) said,

Greetings from 6200 feet above sea level in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California! The 71 students, plus 37 staff and student staff, are experiencing God, the mission, and roaming black bears while on the Lake Tahoe Summer Project!

More than one-third of the students gave their lives to the Lord this past year. Now, for the first time, many are experiencing biblical community and the joy of communicating what God has done in their lives. We’ve already seen students making drastic changes to their lives and taking huge steps of faith!

The best is yet to come with an ice cream slip and slide, the Fourth of July outreach and project turnover*. We're dreaming that this summer would launch students on a new trajectory of serving the Lord for the next 50 years of their lives! Maybe some of these students will be on your team in the future!

[*project turnover is when the staff actually hand pick students to take over the leadership roles of the project and turn the project over to them]

We have more than 3,000 staff and students on projects. You can see some of the places we go at this link.