this is crazy, we are crazy

In eighteen days we are suppose to be standing (or sitting) in a court room in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ready to take our turn answering questions of a judge about our intention of adopting Meseret and Kamise. It would be normal for a trip like this to have your plans in place and your tickets acquired  at least a month out, but not us, not for this. It really is crazy. We received a some what alarming call from our agency telling us to put a hold on our plane tickets. We might need to change them. It seems the adoption process is being evaluated by both Ethiopia and our government. The bummer for us, however, is that we will have to wait in the mystery of when we get to travel and meet our little girls.

So did we put our tickets on hold. No. Why? Because we had not bought them yet. I know that is crazy. We just did not have the funds yet to purchase these ($2,200 a piece) tickets so we have waited and watched to see what God would do. This is crazy and we are feeling crazy.

All we know at this point is that God led us into adopting Meseret and Kamise, and it will be such a privilege to guide these two souls into life with Christ and through this life while we wait for His return. How and when that happens we haven't a clue. Yes, this is crazy, and we are feeling crazy.

If you haven't been close to an international adoption before you might wonder what are the costs. It has been an education for us as we continue to move through this adventure. I will include a graph (below) of how much and where the money goes. We have a progress bar just to the right (you may have to scroll down to see it) that shows how much of the funds needed that we have found, and visually you can see that we have a ways to go.

Pray for us. If the Lord leads you to play a part in brining these girls home wonderful, just click on the "Join us..." link under Quick Links and there are instructions how you can do that, but we need your prayers more so please pray.