big break

"This is one of the best things we do." I have heard many staff say this about the conference we hold over what is known as spring break. The conference spans four weeks starting in late April and ending in the later part of March. Inside a weeks time the staff and students are challenged to grow deeper in their walks with God, and they develop in their ability to articulate the gospel with other college students that have come to take a break from their studies. It is an honor for our team to contribute to this experience and a lot of our energy goes into making this the best experience possible. I shared in a post a while ago the promotion video we did for the conference. I thought I would chase that post with other posts of things we designed for the conference. However, pursuing this adoption, which Lisa and I have also posted other messages about, is diverting a lot of my time and attention. So that did not happen.

We created t-shirts, programs, background slides for speaker notes, worship slides and general information slides. We even created a temporary tatoo all themed with the conference message of "Get Salty". It was a blast to work on, but what excites us even more than that are the results. Although many of the results go unmeasured or are impossible to detect, we do keep track of some of the things we think are important and are some what trackable.  I want to share those with you so you might celebrate with us in what God has done in and through our staff and students lives.


If you partner with Lisa and I thank you for making it possible for us to contribute to this conference. It will be a joy to meet so many of those that were introduced to Christ during these conference weeks when we gather in heaven one day.