adoption labor

It feels like it is 2 am in the morning and Lisa just hit me in the ribs and announces, "I am in labor!" My mind goes a hundred directions at once and for some reason basic tasks don't go as they should. I put my shirt on backwards, I stumble around trying to get my leg in my pants. If this were being filmed the audience would either be shaking their heads in disbelief or laughing their heads off. That is exactly what I feel. Lisa opened her email yesterday and there was a message from our adoption agency with the subject "court". She opens the message and reads that the Ethiopian government has given us a court date of June 17! She called me just as I was beginning an appreciation breakfast for our staff who interned with us this past year. I did not have the time to process this with Lisa at the moment and headed off to the breakfast. My mind was swirling.

My mind continues to struggle for focus. All that seemed surreal before has now become so tangible. I am excited, terrified, and humbled.

We have two girls in Ethiopia that we need to get home. One of our realties is that we need to find $38,000 before our court date or we shave some of the numbers off if someone has airline miles they would want to donate. Do you want to help us? Are you part of God's provision for us to bring these two girls home? If you are you can click under Quick Links on the right side of this page on the the words Join Us....